Thursday, July 21, 2016

Twitter #PLN #EdTechTeacher21

      This week on Twitter, I have been noticing that many educators are spending their summer at educational technology conferences, summits, conventions, and online chats about Google Apps, coding, math practices, blogging, and leadership.  I have been especially intrigued by tweets from  @edtechteacher21
       Tweets like "4 ways to practice with Google this summer" and "3 powerful, simple ways to provide feedback on Google Docs" catch my straightforward, practical mind.  Edtechteacher has a website that is loaded with free technology resources, lessons and activities listed by subject,  tips, and tutorials that will help any educator start using immediately. 
      Edtechteacher is also listed as my first resource for ELA.  Check out the lessons for individual books covered at each grade level and the writing resources.  Save yourself some time by visiting edtechteacher.



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