Thursday, July 21, 2016

More Resources for Instruction

Adding more resources for classroom instruction and formative assessments.  All of the resources can be used in all the curricular areas.

Project-Based Learning
  • All free resources for teaching writing and units on books.
  • Both are free. High-interest. Teach programming language and logics.

  • Free tools to help with assessments by finding questions by grade level, subject, and CCS.
  • Free download of grade level PBL activities.
  • Free. Must use vocab grabber to visualize the meanings of words.
  • Free. Make math fun. Use comic strips to introduce, teach, and review on math concepts.
  • Free. Word clouds. Quick glance for understanding with specific use of words.
  • Free. Connect with any classroom over the world for PjBL activities.
  • Free web-based mind maps for creativity, sharing, and connecting ideas.
  • Free math lessons and activities with real world problems using Google Earth.
  • Fun, engaging quick assessment app.
  • Free collaborative tool for teachers and students to participate in meaningful learning.
  • Free. Create digital stories with pictures and your own narration. Then, publish and share.
  • Free math resources on the web.
  • Student response to a teacher generated game-based assessment online.
  • Great resources for PBL.
  • Free. Utilize the hashtags for research, collaboration, notifications, assignments, and more.

  • Free and fun real math activities to engage students and apply math.
  • Free. Quick exit slips, quizzes, and survey online.
  • Over 45 Links to PBL

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