Saturday, July 16, 2016

Three Cs: Follow, Find, and Take


       This week I followed Erin Klein (@KleinErin), a connected educator who embraces the three Cs: communication with purpose, collaboration with passion, and building a community with pride.  She is an award winning educator and a national leader in integrating technology in education for digital literacy.  Her contributions for effective instructions and academic achievement in the classroom are impeccable as noted on her blog website, KleinSpiration.


       Erin's blog site offers many practical ideas for integrating digital literacy.  I downloaded her free Technology Centers Handout.  If you are like me who is new to Ed. Tech., and you don't know where to begin, save yourself the headache and valuable time by downloading this free resource.  She offers free templates and examples of how she sets up technology centers in her classroom, focusing on literacy- vocabulary, spelling, geography, math, science, and writing. Read her blogs! She gives simple tips for students to use technology with their learning.


       I will use her layout and templates to plan for digital learning centers in my classroom for the coming year.  I will use blogs, emails, e-portfolios, and a web based classroom management like Google Classroom or Class Dojo to help monitor my students progress and performance.  By having all student work online, their parents will also have transparency in their child's participation in my classroom. This is crucial for building a positive relationship with the parents about their child's education.


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