Friday, July 8, 2016

The Power of Creative Imagination


Without people's creative imagination, there wouldn't be any technology or creative arts.  These things have altered the ways in which we live and view life.  As long as we continue to experience struggles, our collective imaginations will create solutions for the future. Lev Vygotsky suggested the importance for teachers to provide opportunities for children of all developing stages to express their imaginations.

The power of imagination is crucial for the process of cognitive development in children.  The earliest occurrences of imagination are evident through their playing and drawing.  The richer their experiences, their creative imagination expands exponentially.  As the child hits puberty, their imagination starts to transform and is guided by reason.

 As preteens go through volatile stages of emotions and attitude, they become very critical of their work (their drawings have to resemble reality).  However, technology and writing opportunities are ways for them to express their internal conflicts.  

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